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Kilkenny Trail Riders

Welcome to Kilkenny Trail Riders home on the web! We are very excited to be the newest Northern NH ATV club and are proud to be part of the North Country OHRV Coalition. Our roots in the Southern tip of Coos County put our members in the ideal place to pursue 1,000+ miles of interconnected ATV trails throughout Northern New Hampshire known as Ride the Wilds. Northern New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape offers an unmatched, premium riding destination. Nestled in quaint Lancaster NH, the Kilkenny Trail Riders club offers enthusiasts a unique offering of hospitable businesses including motels, campgrounds, restaurants  gas stations, convenience stores and OHRV dealerships that fully support our growing sport.

Take a look around our site and contact us if you have any questions.

Lancaster Snowdrifters Present the 51st Lancaster Grand Prix

Lancaster Grand Prix

The oldest vintage snowmobile race in the USA!

Come and see us at the 51st Lancaster Grand Prix!!!

Volunteers are needed for this event!!!

If you are interested in volunteering please contact either





North Country ATV/NH ATV Poker Run and Scavenger Hunt

Upcoming Winter ATV Event

Upcoming Winter ATV Event

Berlin expands access to Jericho Mountain State Park

Glass half full

The economic impact felt by Jericho Mountain State Park and Ride the Wilds has many seeing the glass half full.

Once a thriving mill town, Berlin NH has succumbed to a long list of economic punches over the past several years, leaving the only city in Coös County, searching for economic relief. Thankfully, some relief has come thanks to the opening of the Jericho Mountain State Park, a place where ATV riding is legal across 7500 acres of pure off-road bliss.

This week, proving Berlin’s dedication to get the area thriving again, the City Council adopted an amendment allowing ATV’s on public roads. Berlin now joins growing list of communities capitalizing on the excitement Jericho Mountain State Park is bringing to the area.

City manager Bill Wheeler, who was recently interviewed by the Union Leader, summarized the ordinance:

“…Allow people to travel, essentially from their residences or wherever they may be staying if they’re visitors, to the trail system in the shortest distance. It’s not that people can ride around city streets, it’s so they can get to the trail system.”

This is a huge step for Berlin and a big draw for enthusiasts who come to the area and boost the local economy. Peter Morency, Berlin’s Police Chief, notes in a recent Union Leader article, that homes in the area are now selling due to people coming to his town to ride. This is great for Berlin and not all that surprising, there’s an old saying, when they ride here, they buy here.

Jericho Mountain State Park is just the beginning, Ride the Wilds, the new 1,000-mile+ interconnected ATV trail system across Coös County, officially opened last summer, confirming Northern New Hampshire as the ATV mecca of New England.

Our club would like to thank the City of Berlin and its residence for supporting ATV enthusiasts all over.

Do you live in a town in Coös County and feel opening the roads to responsible ATV use would have a positive impact on your area businesses? If so, go over to our Facebook page and tell us about it!


OHRV support and participation is growing and the North Country is feeling it!

Ride the Wilds ATV TrailsThere’s no denying there is a growing presence of OHRV enthusiasts here in Coös County, and the numbers are backing it up. Harry Brown, President of the North Country OHRV Coalition, joined us last week for our bi-weekly club meeting and shared some rough numbers with us. For example, more and more OHRV’s are being registered here in NH; in fact, the state has reported a 12% increase in OHRV registrations in 2013.  This is great for ‘our neck of the woods’ because many of those machines get trailered here and their owners patronize our local businesses. Need proof? The State of NH has reported a 13% increase in rooms and meals tax collected in Coös County, right in our backyard. Is it a coincidence this new revenue comes as Ride the Wilds is officially opened?

We don’t think so:  Registrations are up, people are coming up to the North Country to experience the Ride the Wilds trail system, and dealers are reporting record breaking ATV sales numbers.

We need your help in continuing to boost our local economy.

We are very excited about the impact our club and members can have on our local economy. In the next few months, we’re going to be seeking new ways for Lancaster and the surrounding areas to benefit from this economic boost! Enthusiasm is growing and with it, comes an increase in recreational spending, just what Lancaster and the rest of Coös County so desperately needs.

Stay tuned for updates on how our club will be actively seeking support for a clear, safe and responsible path to boosting our local economy even more.


Interested in experience the Ride the Wilds trail system? Click HERE to get more information including trail map.

Kilkenny Trail Riders NH ATV Club hosts their first ATV club ride

Earlier this month, the members of the  newest NH ATV club took to the trail for a club ride from Lancaster to Groveton. In total, 17 machines left the Summer St. parking lot and traveled along the Kilkenny Trail Riders route to Groveton.

Once in Groveton, we rolled in to the North Country Family Restaurant for a fantastic meal! It was great seeing our big group of riders patronize a local restaurant and the food was perfect, a win-win!

After dinner, we took off on the trails and enjoyed some of the best ATV riding NH has to offer via the North Country ATV trail system.

Stay tuned for more organized club rides!

Our first trail meeting was a success!

Tonight we had our first trail meeting where we discussed the proposed route crossing Main Street at Rite Aid and Cranes Snowmobile Museum. We had a good turnout of club members and had a great discussion about how we will provide access to the local businesses through direct trail access. Other discussions were related to the necessary signage and bridge building to make this section of the trail work.

The highlight of the meeting was when we packed down the proposed trail with UTV’s and rode right up to Scorpios Pizzaria. It was such a great feeling knowing that soon, our local businesses would be supported by OHRV enthusiasts via direct trial access; we know this is going to be a big hit!

Here are a few images from tonights meeting:

A Great Ride at Jericho ATV Park

A bunch of us got together for a great ride at Jericho ATV Park last weekend. Here are some pictures from the ride. If you haven’t ridden the Jericho ATV trails yet, put it on the to do list because there is nothing like it!

New Hampshire ATV Trails: The stage is set for much needed economic growth here in the North Country

Below is the press release the NH Trails Division released regarding permitting off-road vehicles to ride on state highways. This means that with approval, communities can now open up their streets and roads to off-road use, connecting our fantastic NH ATV trail systems to our quaint Main Streets. This is a huge win-win for enthusiasts but more so for local businesses. Northern NH is now more than ever, going to be a destination location for OHRV enthusiasts from all over New England looking to ride New Hampshire ATV Trails; the stage has been set for them to spend their money right here in the North Country.

Now, before you go riding your bike, ATV or UTV down your local roads, do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and contact your local club or authorities and find out if you are in a off-road friendly community with road permission or not, this will keep you out of trouble :)

CONCORD – In an effort to enable ATV riders to reach fuel, lodging and
restaurants in Coos County, Governor Hassan and the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails announced the approval of permits allowing off-road
vehicles to travel on state highways.

“Allowing off-road vehicles to travel on state highways will help make
New Hampshire’s unparalleled ATV-riding experiences an even greater
success,” Governor Hassan said. “This will make more trails
accessible to riders, helping drive business to shops, restaurants and
other properties in Coos County and strengthening our travel and
tourism economy.”

In preparation for the Jericho ATV Festival, which runs July 26 and
27 at Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin, crews from the Bureau of
Trails will install temporary signs along US Route 2 and state Route
16 in Gorham, as well as along Bridge Street in Colebrook and Main
Street in Stewartstown.

The Gorham sections of highway will make riding available from Jericho
Mountain State Park and the Ride the Wilds’ Coos Loop directly to
motels and restaurants in Gorham and allow local residents direct
trail access from certain town roads.

“This will enable riders to come off the trails and into these
communities, where they can fill up with gas, get something to eat or
spend the night,” said Christopher Gamache, chief of the Bureau of

He said he expects the signs to be installed by Thursday. The
Department of Transportation will install permanent signs next month.

Off-road vehicles will have to ride in the travel lane, with traffic,
and operate at posted highway speeds, Gamache said.

“Riding on the highway is going to be a new experience for OHRV users
and riders, and motorists need to be aware of one another,”
Gamache said. “This is a tremendous step forward to connecting
existing trail-riding opportunities in Coos County, but we want to
make sure that the existing motorists and the OHRV riders coexist
safely on the roads, so paying attention to signs will be extremely

Cooperation between local businesses, OHRV clubs, local communities
and state and federal agencies “have worked very well together this
year to make these improvements to turn Coos County into an OHRV

The Trails Bureau website, as well as municipal websites and OHRV
sites, will be updated with the road routes and conditions for use
early next week.

The Bureau of Trails is a part of the New Hampshire Division of
Parks & Recreation. The division manages over 73 state parks,
campgrounds, thousands of miles of trails, historic sites, waysides
and natural areas. The division is part of the Department of
Resources and Economic Development. For more information about
today’s announcement or the Bureau of Trails, please call
603-271-3254 or visit

Meeting at the Lancaster Town Forest

We will be conducting our trail assessment meeting on location at the Lancaster Town Forest, next Tuesday, July 23rd at 6pm. We will be walking the proposed trail system and making decisions on what work is needed and taking a head count of who will be assisting us on this project. We encourage anyone willing to donate their time to please meet us at the FB Spaulding company Tuesday, July 23rd at 6pm.

This is an exciting time for our club and we really look forward to your help in getting our first trail system underway!

Don’t miss the 14th Annual ATV Rodeo!

North Country ATV RodeoThe 14th Annual ATV Rodeo is just around the corner. This years event is Saturday August 17th from 10am-7pm at Burn’s Truck Stop along Rt. 3 in North Stratford. The ATV rodeo is an event catering to ATV enthusiasts and provides an entire day of must have family fun! Bring your ATV, there’s plenty of riding to be had and parking for everyone.

Here is just a sampling of what you will find this year:

1. ATV Challenge Course

2. Radar Runs

3. Mud Runs

4. Vendors showcasing the latest models from Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Honda and Bombardier.

5. ATV Blessing

6. GREAT people that love all things ATV!

As always, the cost is minimal and fees collected go right back in to the North Country ATV trail system. The cost of this years event is $5.00 with children under 12 getting in for FREE!

Great food, great riding, great friends, it’s a win-win for everyone.